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9.10 .2013

Natural ink/dye experiments continue…



Above, a chart created 12.4.2013 to test the layering and mixing of different ink/dyes made from natural materials (berries: lingon & aronia, onion skin, turmeric, beet, red cabbage, all with a bit of vinegar added)

Below the same chart a few months later on 30.8.2013 (having been up on the wall exposed to natural light)




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Liquid dyes left out to dry


Above, a chart with wet dyes on the left, and dried dyes on the right (similar to using dried cakes of watercolours), which I had in mind might be more portable than their liquid counterparts

Below, the same chart after a few months (having been left out in the sunlight)





Some of these dyes involved heat, others did not – for example above, the lower colour was made by combining turmeric with room temperature water, whereas below, the top colour was made by simmering the same solution over low heat for a short time


And then below are the same samples a few months later



A landscape that was destined to fade…




Come make paper and inks with me in Estonia!

I will host a papermaking workshop at Ptarmigan, a project space in Tallinn, Estonia, on Saturday October 20th, which will include the basic technique, open to interpretation, and also the possibilities of printing. See here for further details.

And the day before (19.10) there will be an evening of experimentation with ink open for all to come and try out homemade possibilities.  Find out more.

I have been involved with Ptarmigan before (at the former location in Helsinki), for example in co-organising all night drawing marathons through Dinosaur Drawing.


100 Boats for Aina‘ continue on their journey…

Including to the MoA (12-29.05.2011)

Find out more about upcoming exhibition dates here

photo by Anna Haukka


One of my short films, “Little Boxes”, is now showing as part of the video program at Evergreen Brickworks Welcome Centre, in Toronto.

For more information see ‘Art on Site’

Everyone is welcome to come and visit!

It’s a real historic Toronto place, great to check out and take a walk around, also you can go out to the Quarry Park behind. There is a farmer’s market every Saturday morning. Check out their website for more.

Opening hours and address:

Monday–Friday 9am–5pm
Saturday 8am–4pm
Sunday 11am–4pm

Evergreen Brick Works
550 Bayview Avenue, Toronto

23.8 – 11.9.2010

AHNE Art Festival: http://www.taik.fi/ahne

100 Boats for Aina is on display:

2.9 – 10.9.2010

Breaking the Ice Between Art and Science: from Kilpisjärvi Biological Station and Beyond @ Gallery Atski, Aalto University School of Art and Design

“Notes from the Workshop” by Sarah Alden:


The InSEA (International Society of Education through Art) European Congress 2010

“TRACES: Sustainable Art Education” in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland

I will be attending and giving an oral presentation:

“Diving in While Stepping Back: evaluating art-based environmental education”

Link to full abstract


Through our Environmental Art programme, I will participate in a workshop at the Kilpisjärvi Biological Station, where the idea is collaboration between art and science:






My exhibition at Aralis Gallery:

Arabiakeskus, Hämeentie 135 A, 3rd floor.
Open Mon-Fri 10-20, Sat-Sun 10-16.)

Find out more at:  http://www.maaarkki.blogspot.com


Our second Drawing Marathon!   Organised through the Public School Helsinki, this idea came from START Gallery’s annual event in Sackville, New Brunswick (Canada)…


April 18, 2010

I went ‘Wildpainting’ in Nuuksio, as part of a class organised by Jan van Boeckle:


March 2010

A photo I took (at a workshop in a prison in Tallinn) was featured as the cover artwork on a book of poetry:

The Veneers
by Amanda Adams

“The Veneers is a lifelong work to explore the emotions that strike the majority of people to their core. Digging through the myriad of human emotion can be quite revealing of the true connections we all share.”

You can go see it at http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/the-veneers/6522788

January – August 2010

Spirit of Place Project


Combining architecture, art and design, the focus is on Finland this year, with the theme being the Kalevala (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalevala)

I participated in the design charette in Washington DC, held at the Finnish Embassy over two weekends (7-17.1)

(a most lovely building: http://www.finland.org/public/default.aspx?nodeid=35836&contentlan=2&culture=en-US)

The final model will be built by the American and Finnish students (including myself), plus professionals, with local building supplies (mostly wood, steel and glass), over 9 days in August 2010 in Helsinki, on the southern tip of Seurasaari (an open air iron-age museum island:  http://www.nba.fi/en/seurasaari_openairmuseum)

October – November 2009

intervention 10.09 finland 017

Intervention Workshop – with Tanya Koponen


Our group’s presented work was titled: ‘Cases for places’:

http://cityspace2009.wordpress.com/group-3/ (see the documentation here)

August 2009

I am excited to be part of the Toronto Urban Film Festival (Sept. 11 – 20) again for the second year in a row.

My film was selected under the category ‘Urban Natural’, and is titled ‘What would you do?’


It was aired on subway platform screens on Sept. 15th – You can watch it here

“How we react to, and how much we identify with, the lives of other creatures sharing the same space is very personal.”


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